Scorhill Belt is the latest addition to the Solid Silver Collection September 01 2015

Leaf Leather's unique Solid Silver Collection is gaining in popularity. The fact that these stunning belts are unique to Leaf Leather and our retail shop Artisan adds to their allure. 

We like to listen to our customers and felt that the new Scorhill Belt with it's softer oval shape and 1.25" width may be more popular with our women clients. They look absolutely stunning worn with a pair of jeans or chinos. For a more formal look the black leather version may be a better option.

If you have been struggling to look for a solid silver buckle belt, at Leaf Leather you are spoilt for choice!

All our silver belts are hallmarked and handmade in either Oak Bark Tan or Black Bridle Butt naturally tanned leather.The Scorhill and Fingle belts all wear their assay credentials on the face of the buckle. The Fingle belts also come in a 1.25" and a wide rectangle option. The large and wide Fingles are 1.5" wide and about double the silver weight of the 1.25" option. The Heltor buckle has a silver keep and the hallmark is on the back of the buckle.

These belts are a touch of class to last you a life-time. When ordering please check our sizing chart before placing your order. If you have any doubts call Martin on 01647 432414 and he will be happy to talk you through the correct way to measure your bespoke belt to ensure it will offer you a lifetime of service.