Start 2014 with a beautiful hand stitched naturally tanned leather bag, hand made on Dartmoor February 13 2014

Leaf Leathers' hand stitched bags are unique things of beauty which should last a life time. January to March; when Artisan is most quiet, is when Martin gets busy creating. A bag generally takes a week to complete. It would be three days of cutting, bevelling, glueing, dying, stitching and buffing, but in the shop there are frequent interruptions, and hand stitching full grain naturally tanned leather can be an arduous process. Fortunately Martin is enamoured of this act of creation.


He selects each hide carefully; the animals growth marks adding character to the finished piece. We always have a selection of bags and leathers in the shop and our online customers can browse the bag collection and request variations on our standard leathers and hardware. All bags, excepting the Drogo gun cartridge bag, are semi-lined with calfskin. Even with our online shop we like to offer a bespoke service. Each bag is handmade in our Dartmoor shop to each customers specific requirements.


Our standard bags are priced between £200 and £395