Leaf Leather at Gidleigh Park Hotel July 20 2013

Gidleigh Park Hotel, with its 2 Michelin Star restaurant, is just a couple of miles outside Chagford and has developed close relations with the town and Artisan. We are proud to be suppliers of high quality leather products to the hotel.


It's great to work closely with both our jewellers who produce some of our stunning solid silver buckles for our Solid Silver collection, and also with our other artisans. Being local, we can respond to requests for wooden plates in particular woods and designs to match their existing plates or commission jewellery adapted from what we have in the shop. We love working LOCAL! It helps when the local potters painters, wood workers, iron forgers, felters and jewellers are all so talented.

It's also fun developing relationships on a more personal level. Last month Chagford Cricket Club hosted a cricket match between Gidleigh Park and the Chagford holiday company, Helpful Holidays. The club has been voted one of the top 10 village cricket clubs in England, has a stunning setting amongst the surrounding Dartmoor hills. Martin was comandeered into the Helpful Holidays side. It was his first cricket match in 20 years, though at school he did skipper English opener Stuart Broad...father of Englands' current demon bowler and useful batsman Chris Broad. He took a few economical wickets and avoided a duck...and helped win a victory. Seeing Michael Caines MBE, one of UK's greatest chefs, bowl one armed, did re-enforce that talented people can focus and succeed in whatever they choose. All the cricketers were hobbling around Chagford for the following week. They were competitive but the game was played in the best spirit of the game.

It's sometime difficult to find where work ends and pleasure begins in Chagford. The lines are nicely blurrred!